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Last Updated : 11/22/2015

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Below are the 10 best FTP hosting companies reviewed by experienced webmasters and ranked according to reliability, value, customer service and features.


Host Name

SignUp Price Disk Space Bandwidth Money Back Score Highlight

$6.25 1000 MB UNLIMITED 30 Days 94%

Best Host Overall

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$7.50 1000 MB 100 GB 30 Days 91%


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3 $11.95 2000 MB 25 GB 30 Days 89%

Reliable Host

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4 $9.95 3000 MB 100 GB 30 Days 89%

Great Features

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5 $12.99 2500 MB 100 GB 30 Days 87%

Support / Features

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6 $7.95 3000 MB 50 GB 30 Days 85%

Popular Host

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$7.95 4000 MB 50 GB 30 Days 85%

Good Support

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$7.95 5000 MB 75 GB 30 Days 84%

Weekly Specials

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9 $7.96 3000 MB 50 GB 30 Days 83%

Great Host

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10 $12.50 500 MB UNLIMITED 30 Days 82%

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